Issue #1 Features art by: Dave Dwonch, Jamie Sula, Wynn
Ryder, Roy D. Stiffey Jr., Kelly Everaert, Chad Cicconi,
Anthony Cain, Simon Wyatt, Alexia Othonaiou, Stephanie
Gabborin, Mia Paluzzi, Super Ugly & Shawn Gabborin!
Cover by: Wynn Ryder
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Words: Shawn Gabborin
Art: Various
1 Writer.  13 Artists.  2 Pages each.  Angry Gnome
Comics is proud to present
Short Stack!  A
collection of 13 Two Page Gory Stories sure to
make you look twice at that shadow on the wall!
Monsters, Demons, Slashers and flat out screwed
up people are just a few of the terrors awaiting
you inside each issue of
Short Stack!
We are on the lookout for indie artists to
participate in upcoming issues of Short Stack.
If you're interested or just want more info,
feel free to shoot us an e-mail:
Issue #2 Features art by: Daniel Logan, Dan Capitumini,
Catherine Esguerra, Flint Lockjaw, Marc Jameson, Dave
Baker, Marty Devine, Brian Beardsley, Jacqueline Taylor,
Eric White, David Hadskey, Ingeapplegoose & Mark Penman!
Cover by: Dave Dwonch
Issue #3 Features art by: Mario Cau, Milena Simeonova,
Madeleine Flores, Jesse Tise, Quinne Larsen, Mark Chilcott,
Brett Guerra, Stephanie O'Donnell, Alessandro Esparza, Anna
Fitzpatrick, Stephanie Gabborin, Kathryn Layno & Andy Jewett!
Cover by: Andy Jewett
Issue #4 Features art by: Olga Markiewicz, Jesse Tise,
Dan Capitumini, Brett Guerra, Crystal, Ryan Haines,
Chad Cicconi, Yvonne Kew, Val Toukatly, Jacqueline Taylor,
Roy D. Stiffey Jr., Lance Parkin & Kris Smith!
Cover by: Dave Dwonch
Issue #5 Features art by: Rick Lundeen, Leo Garcia, Juan
Espadas, Jamie Sula, Roy D. Stiffey Jr., Flint Lockjaw,
Jonathan Wyke, Anders Skoglund, Daniel Logan, Dave Baker,
Stephanie Gabborin, Kari Derezinski & David Acosta!
Cover by: Andy Jewett
Issue #6 Catherine Esguerra, Christopher Tupa, Carolin Reich,
Mauro Flores, Dean Stahl, Mae Liboiron, Mia Paluzzi, Thomas
Bonin, Walt Minor, Shawn Gabborin, Michela Da Sacco, Jamie
Kinosian & Jimmy Edwards!
Cover by: Dave Acosta
Cover Colors by: Mia Paluzzi
Issue #7 Shawn Atkins, Yann Perrelet, Anders Skoglund,
Milena Simeonova, Danny Morison, Malgorzata Szemanska,
Leo Garcia, Johanne Light, Nathan A. Lyon, Monte Baldwin,
Kris Smith, Jason Strutz & Andy Jewett!
Cover by: Andy Jewett
Issue #8 Daniel Logan, Alexey strakhov, Yann Perrelet,
Alec Keating, Jung-Ha Kim, Jason Strutz, Jason Winter, Dan
Capitumini, Quinne Larsen, Gabriel Dunston, Piers Hazell,
Ian Jay & Rebecca Morse!
Cover by: Mario Cau
Cover Colors by: Caio Yo