Words: Shawn Gabborin
Art: Quinne Larsen
Cover: Jesse Tise
The Sutherland family moved to the small, quiet
town of Greenbrook to escape the vices the city
offered so readily.  What they didn't know was
that their new house has a history. A history of
murder and pain brought on by local legend Jessie
Tines.  But it's just a story, right?  One thing's
for sure... the basement door is locked.  And the
man living there knows why.
For Now, Enjoy This 5 Page Preview of Our Slasher-style Entry:
GREENBROOK is Cross-Promotion at it's finest!
The premise of the project is simple:  Give a varied group of creators the same story concept, and
see where they take it!  Genre, Time Period, Location... It's all up for grabs! The character names are
the same... but their ages, relationships, even genders vary from story to story.  What happens in a
GREENBROOK with a Sci-Fi twist?  Comedy?  Action?  Fantasy?  Horror?  We've got you covered!
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