Shawn Gabborin: I write horror stories.  The question of why is hard to answer.
Maybe there are constant voices in my head screaming at the top of their imaginary
lungs with the only thing that quiets them being to distract them with a blood filled
tale of horror and suspense.  Or maybe on a stormy night 5 years back, I was abducted
by aliens and now am charged with chronicling the oddest tales they encounter on our
Earth.  Or (and most likely) I'm just a normal guy raised on horror movies and Stephen
King, and had too many twisted stories in my head that I wanted to get out, so I
started writing. Take whichever origin you like and check out the above influenced
"Victor Season" & "Palm Reader".
Angry Gnome Comics is the deformed child of Shawn and Stephanie Gabborin.  It was started
with the purpose of breathing life into the hundreds of horror stories Shawn has floating around
in his twisted skull.  So far it's just the two of us... but you may see more faces here soon!
Questions?  Comments?  You can contact both of us at:
Stephanie Gabborin: Sweet and Innocent?  She sure looks it, huh?  But don't let
that blonde haired baby face fool you.  Below that little 85 lb. exterior is a huge,
beefy, drooling, spiky, pencil wielding drawing monster!  Check out the eerie pencil work
in "Victor Season" and "Palm Reader" and you'll understand.  Note:  This bio written by
Shawn, and does not necessarily represent the views and opinions held by Steph.